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    We’ve provided answers below to many of the questions you might have about how this update will affect your account and the way you use banking online every day. Click on a question to see the answer.

    Watch our brief overview video that highlights all of the changes happening with Digital Banking 2.0.


    Our top 5 most commonly asked questions are below. To learn more about how to use the system, please visit our system FAQ page, download our User Guide, or view our demos.

    How do I Show Running Balance on my account?

    1. From the DASHBOARD, click on an account from the My First Tennessee Accounts list.
    2. The Transaction page is now displayed.
    3. Click Show Running Balance button

    How do I Print Transactions History?

    1. From the DASHBOARD, click on an account from the My First Tennessee Accounts list.
    2. Next, choose the date range for transactions you would like to view and print by clicking the calendar button Calendar Button
    3. Now, click the export button Export Button and your transactions will be downloaded in the format you choose and available for print.

    How do I view transactions for a single account? From multiple accounts?

    Click on the Transactions Icon and you will notice that all transactions from all of your accounts are being displayed. This is designed to require fewer clicks in order to see your most recent activity regardless of account. Click on the All Accounts drop down menu to see a list of your accounts that have transactions. From here you can click on one or more account(s) to only display the transactions associated with the account(s) you wish. You will see the color around the account becomes lighter once selected. Click away from the menu to signify you are done selecting and hide it to view your selected transactions.

    How do I pay multiple bills at one time?

    Click on the Bill Pay Icon. Click on the Pay Multiple Bills Tab. Select your default funding account from the drop down menu. You will be able to select a different account for each payment if needed. Click on the recipient you wish to pay, and it will expand to display details. Click on the From menu to select a different funding account, or leave it as the default account (if one was selected). Click on the Calendar Icon to select a date. Click on the Amount field and type in the amount you wish to pay to that recipient. Type in a memo in the Payment Memo field. (If the payment is sent by check the Payment Memo will be included) Click Save. Click on the next recipient(s) you wish to pay and follow the same steps as you did with the previous recipient. Each payment will be displayed with the date and amount of payment. When complete click on Pay Selected. A confirmation of the total amount of payments will be displayed; if correct click on Pay All. You will be notified if successful.

    Where can I find a confirmation/tracking number for a bill pay or external transfer?

    A confirmation number for a bill pay or internal transfer can be found by clicking on the processed transaction from the Bill Pay tab underneath the schedule. The field will expand to display the confirmation number. A tracking number for an external transfer can also be found by clicking on the processed transaction from the Bill Pay tab underneath the schedule. The field will expand to display the Tracking number.

    How do I view my electronic statement online?

    To view Statements Online, click the Account Icon. Select the account for which you would like to view the statement. Click Statements Online, then select the month and year for the statement you would like to view. If Statements Online does not appear as an option, the account you’ve selected has not been enrolled in statements online.


    What is Digital Banking 2.0?

    Digital Banking 2.0 is First Tennessee’s enhanced Banking Online system that will replace the current Banking Online system. The new system will deliver all of the banking conveniences you’ve come to expect with upgraded features, including new budgeting tools, savings goal setting and tracking functions, improved alert functionality, as well as the ability to pull all of your financial accounts, with us and at other institutions, into one convenient place.

    Why the change?

    First Tennessee is committed to providing our customers with the latest in banking technology and tools that offer you convenience, control, and security throughout your experience with us. Digital Banking 2.0 is the next step in this commitment as we seek to build our banking technology around the way you want to live your life.

    How do I access/enroll in Digital Banking 2.0?

    We will be launching Digital Banking 2.0 to existing Banking Online customers on a schedule. You will be notified via email when your account is scheduled for upgrade. When your account is transitioned to Digital Banking 2.0, you will log in at the same place using the same user name, password, and Trustword. The challenge questions you have already set for access will also be the same. You will need to accept our new Terms and Conditions upon first log in to the new system, since some of the functionality covered in the previous Terms and Conditions has changed. We appreciate your patience as we implement these changes. Our commitment is to make this transition as smooth as possible for every customer.

    Will any of my account numbers, Login ID, password or challenge questions change?

    No, your account numbers, Login ID, password and challenge questions will remain the same.

    I have Bill Pay set up. Will my scheduled payments and/or transfers be affected by the upgrade?

    No payments or transfers will be affected by the upgrade. If you have payments or transfers set up – even on the day of your upgrade, they will be made as scheduled.

    When my account is upgraded to Digital Banking 2.0, how will I know?

    When you log in, you will see a completely revamped account dashboard. Additionally, you will receive email communication alerting you to the schedule for your upgrade, so that there are no surprises. Upon first log in to the new system, you will also be asked to accept our Terms and Conditions.

    Can I upgrade to Digital Banking 2.0 sooner than my scheduled date?

    Unfortunately, the size of the rollout to all of our customers requires that we take a phased approach. Scheduling your upgrade allows us to ensure that we are implementing the new system both efficiently and effectively for all customers. With a phased approach to implementation, you may become aware that friends or family are upgraded sooner than you. Please know that we are working hard to deliver access to all of our customers, and we appreciate your patience during this process.

    Can I decline the upgrade?

    No, all existing Banking Online customers will be moved to the new system. Once that transition is complete, our old Banking Online system will no longer be supported.

    Why are there new Terms & Conditions?

    Digital Banking 2.0 includes new functionality and features that were not addressed in our previous Terms and Conditions. As such, we ask that customers accept our new Terms and Conditions upon first log in.

    How do the current Terms & Conditions and the new Terms & Conditions differ?

    New language is included in the new Terms and Conditions that address functionality such as:

    • Online account aggregation services, which allow customers to consolidate and manage online account information from multiple financial institutions and service providers
    • Financial management tools, including budget and financial planning
    • Financial goals creation and tracking

    Is Digital Banking 2.0 compatible with my tablet?

    Yes. Digital Banking 2.0 works well with all size tablets when you are viewing it via a web browser.

    How will the changes affect Mobile Banking?

    At this time, the transition to Digital Banking 2.0 will only impact your account access via a web browser. Our Mobile Banking tool, which offers access to your account via app or text, is managed via a separate system and will be upgraded at a later date.

    Will Statements Online be available?

    Yes, your Statements Online can be accessed via the Accounts tab.

    Will I still be able to use Quicken® or Mint® with Digital Banking 2.0?

    Yes, financial software like Quicken and Mint will still be compatible as long as you have provided them your credentials and those tools allow access to our new system.

    During the upgrade, will I be unable to use Banking Online at any time?

    Our goal is to minimize any potential disruptions by scheduling systems changes overnight. However, it is possible that you may experience a brief outage as we convert your account.

    Will my account be more secure with Digital Banking 2.0?

    Yes, Digital Banking 2.0 offers enhanced security features to ensure that your connection is safe and that your private data is highly protected as it is transmitted through our system.

    Where can I find help or more information?

    We have developed easy-to-understand instructional videos and guides to help answer any questions you may have about using Digital Banking 2.0:

    • DemosWatch these videos for an overview of the system and an in-depth view of its features.
    • User Guide – Our guides offer step-by-step instructions for performing basic online banking functions.

    I see closed accounts on my dashboard. Why?

    Closed accounts are available on Digital Banking 2.0 for a limited period of time for research and/or tax purposes.

    To remove these from your view, under the Accounts tab, select the account, select the Hide Account button, and then Continue. If you wish to see a hidden account, go to the Settings tab, choose Accounts, and then the Show button next to the account.

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