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Yours, Mine and Ours?

Newly married couples face a variety of different challenges, but perhaps none is bigger than co-existing financially.

In fact, of all the different things that married couples can disagree about, money and finances have consistently ranked at the top in virtually every survey conducted about marriage and finances.

The good news is that marriage and money don't have to be such a volatile and potentially destructive combination. Whether you're engaged and want to start out your marriage on the right financial foot, or are already married and want to minimize financial problems and conflicts, there are concrete steps you can take right now to smooth out your marriage and money.

Most experts agree that it starts with open and honest communication about every aspect of money as it relates to sharing your life together. When it comes to that financial conversation, you've got to "just do it."

Set aside a day or evening (or several, if necessary) when you will each be prepared to discuss such things as your current income, expenses and debt; your attitudes with regard to debt, spending, saving, investing, etc.; and your financial goals for the future, among other things.


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