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We’re introducing an enhanced level of online banking simplicity and control – Digital Banking 2.0 – to make your life easier. We are in the process of converting our customers to the new platform. We will notify you via email when your account is ready to be converted.

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Keeping track of your account is easy with customized account Alerts from First Tennessee. We offer Alerts in three categories to keep you informed about every aspect of your account.

Optional Information Alerts

These Alerts require you to opt-in via Banking Online in order to receive.

  • Account Balance Threshold – Notifies you daily when an account balance goes over or below a certain amount
  • Account Balance Notification – Notifies you daily of your current and available balances for each selected account
  • Insufficient Funds – Notifies you daily when a check/withdrawal/debit fails due to insufficient funds in your account

To learn more about how to opt out of Optional Information Alerts , click here.

Recommended Information Alerts

These are Alerts that help enhance the security of your account. You will receive these Alerts unless you choose to opt out from receiving via Banking Online.

  • Online Bill Pay Alerts – Notifies you daily on a bill payment processed, a scheduled payment set-up, a soon to expire recurring payment, and/or a payment failure
  • Online Transfer Alerts – Notifies you daily on a transfer processed, a scheduled transfer set-up, a soon to expire recurring transfer, and/or a transfer failure

To learn more about how to opt out of Recommended Information Alerts, click here.

Required Security Alerts

Our most important security Alerts are automatically delivered to you and, for your protection, cannot be removed from your Banking Online profile.

  • Login Information Change – Notifies you when your password, site key image or phrase, or challenge question has changed
  • Email Address Change – Notifies you when any Email address changed within Banking Online
  • Invalid Login Attempt (lockout) – Notifies you when your profile is locked due to failed login attempts (either the security question or password attempts have exceeded the threshold)
  • Telephone Number Change – Notifies you when your Banking Online profile telephone number has changed
  • Bill Pay Modification* – Notifies you when a change is made to a bill payment:  funding account, amount date or memo
  • New Payee Added*  -- Notifies you when you have added a new payee via Banking Online
  • New Account Added to Banking Online* – Notifies you when adding a new account via to your Banking Online user profile

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*These alerts are will be delivered within 30 minutes of event via email


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