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Online Alerts

Alerts are a convenient way to keep an eye on your account without having to log in. You tell us what you want to know and we send you notifications to help you:

  • Fight Fraud: Know quickly if unauthorized account use occurs
  • Stay On Track: Understand when you’ve reached pre-selected spending limits
  • Bank Confidently: Confirm that bills are paid/due or transfers are made successfully


You will automatically receive our mandatory alerts when you are enrolled in Digital Banking. You can also set up optional alerts based on your preferences.

You can receive alert notifications via text message, email or in your Digital Banking messages box. Watch this video to learn more about protecting your account with alerts.


You can review and edit the notifications you receive from the list of recommended alerts, or even create an optional alert. First Tennessee also sends mandatory alerts required to the security of your account that cannot be disabled. Alert types include:

  • Account messages
  • Bill Pay / Transfer messages
  • Planning messages
  • Security messages
  • Transaction messages
  • Promotional messages

To get started with alerts:

Settings Icon

Step 1:

Log in to Digital Banking and click on the Settings tab

Add Alert

Step 2:

Select Manage Alerts then Add Alert

Not a Digital Banking Customer?

  • Enroll in Digital Banking
  • Then follow the instructions above for Digital Banking customers
  • For additional assistance, call 800-382-5465 or get a helping hand in person with our local Digital Delegates. Check out our locator tool now to find a financial center with a Digital Delegate near you.

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