Request a Balance Transfer

It takes just a few minutes to complete a balance transfer request. Here are a few important things you’ll need to know before starting:

  • Minimum balance transfer amount is $100 for each transfer request (Note:  Promotional offers may have a higher minimum amount required)
  • Balance transfers are subject to credit line availability
  • You may not transfer balances from other First Tennessee accounts
  • Balance transfer requests are not available on Secured Visa® Cards

You’ll need the following information to complete this request:

  • Your 16 digit First Tennessee account number
  • Bank / Issuer name, payment address, your account number and expiration date of the account balance you wish to transfer

Are you a First Tennessee Digital Banking customer? The balance transfer request form is available to First Tennessee Digital Banking customers only. To continue, please sign in using your Digital Banking username and password. If you do not have Digital Banking credentials, please visit a branch or call 800-382-5465.