Alerts and Statements Online
Keeping track of your account is easy with customized account Alerts or Statements Online from First Tennessee.

Account Alerts

Alerts are a convenient way to keep an eye on your account. You tell us what you want to know and we send you notifications to help you:

  • Fight Fraud – know quickly if unauthorized account use occurs
  • Stay On Track – understand when you’ve reached pre-selected spending limit
  • Bank Confidently – confirm that bills are paid/due or transfers are made successfully

Three types of Alerts are offered via Digital Banking:

  • Optional Information Alerts – require you to opt-in via Digital Banking in order to receive.
  • Recommended Information Alerts – help enhance the security of your account. You will receive these Alerts unless you choose to opt out from receiving via Digital Banking.
  • Required Security Alerts – automatically delivered to you and, for your protection, cannot be removed from your Digital Banking profile.

You can receive Alert notifications:

  • Via text message, email or in your Digital Banking messages box.
  • Watch this video to learn more about protecting your account with alerts.

Statements Online

Get your bank statements electronically with Statements Online. This free service is a fast, simple and secure way to view your statement at your convenience. Once you’ve enrolled in Statements Online, we will notify you with an email when your account statement is ready.

  • View Statements Online for multiple accounts
  • Review your current statement or view statements up to 24 months in the past
  • Statements are downloadable for record keeping
  • Faster, more secure delivery of statements

Ready to Get Started?

Current Digital Banking Customers can manage Alerts by:

  1. Logging in to Digital Banking and clicking on the Messages & Alerts tab
  2. Selecting Alerts from the sub menu to get started

Current Digital Banking Customers can select Statements Online by:

  1. Logging in to Digital Banking
  2. Clicking on the Accounts/Statements tab to choose which accounts should receive Statements Online

Not a Digital Banking Customer?

  • Enroll in Digital Banking
  • Then follow the instructions above for Digital Banking customers
  • For additional assistance, call 800-382-5465 or get a helping hand in person with our local Digital Delegates

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Overdraft Protection

Protect your account from overdrafts with an overdraft protection plan from First Tennessee Bank

Protect your account from overdrafts with an overdraft protection plan.

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