Cash Rewards Terms and Conditions

The First Tennessee Cash Rewards® Program (the “Program”) is a program that allows eligible First Tennessee Bank Debit and Credit Cardholders with active accounts to receive rebates when they use their First Tennessee Bank Debit or Credit cards (the “Card(s)”) to make purchases meeting the terms of current offers at retailers participating in the Program (collectively “Participating Retailers”). Active accounts are defined as open and in good standing. All Cardholders who participate in the Program are subject to these rules (the “Rules”) and any specific eligibility rules applicable to individual Participating Retailer’s rebate offers (“Rebate Offers”). If you choose or have previously chosen to limit our sharing of your information with third party vendors, you are not eligible for the cash rewards program. If you'd like to change your privacy sharing election, call 877-242-9880. These Rules supplement, as applicable, your First Tennessee Bank Depositor Agreement and Disclosures and your Cardholder Agreement(s) for your Card(s) (“other Agreements”). In the event of a conflict between the other Agreements and these Rules, the Rules will govern any matter relating to the Program, while the other Agreements will govern all other matters.

In these Terms and Conditions, “First Tennessee Bank,” “we,” “our,” and “us” refer to First Tennessee Bank National Association and its affiliates. “edo” means edo Interactive, Inc., Provider of the Program. “You” and “your” mean every eligible person or entity who is or becomes a Cardholder. By participating in the Program, you agree to these Rules and agree that the Rules may be modified from time to time. Any and all changes to these Terms and Conditions will be posted on this website and the Terms and Conditions will indicate the last revision date. We may terminate this Program at any time but we will complete and honor transactions conducted prior to the effective date of the termination.

  1. Enrollment in the Program. Eligible Debit and Credit Cardholders will be automatically enrolled in the Program upon account opening, or November 17, 2014, whichever is later. Once enrolled, you are eligible to participate in the Program if: (a) you make a qualifying purchase at a Participating Retailer; (b) you are a Cardholder with an active First Tennessee Bank card account at the time any rebates or adjustments are posted to your Account; and (c) you continue to satisfy all current and future eligibility criteria that we establish for the Program. The eligibility criteria may be modified from time to time at our sole discretion. Your continued use of your Card while enrolled as a member of the Program constitutes your consent to these Rules in connection with any transactions you make while you are a participant in the Program. If you choose not to participate in the Program, you may opt out of the Program via the First Tennessee Bank Cash Rewards web site page or through the Cash Rewards tab of your Banking Online profile.
  2. Excluded Cards: FIRST TravelSM Visa®, Visa Signature, Home Equity Line of Credit Visa®, Payroll Cards, Visa® Purchasing Cards, Visa® Commercial Cards, Corporate Business Visa® Cards, BizEssentials® Line of Credit, Private Label cards, and non-Visa®-branded ATM cards are not eligible for First Tennessee Cash Rewards.
  3. Qualifying Cards: First Tennessee Visa® Debit card, First Tennessee Visa® Business Debit card, Visa® Classic, Platinum Premier® Visa, and Visa® Small Business Card. Qualifying cards are enrolled automatically in the program.
  4. Earning Rebates and Rebate Offers. You earn rebates based on the dollars you spend by using your Card at Participating Retailers and in accordance with the terms of such retailers’ offers. Rebates are subject to the Rebate Offers of Participating Retailers. Certain Participating Retailers may have periods of time when rebates are not offered, may limit the number of rebates, may limit the amounts of rebates, and/or may not offer rebates on certain types of transactions. In some cases, rebates will not be offered on the purchase of gift cards. Rebates may not be available in connection with: purchases made at Participating Retailers not participating in the Program at the time of the transaction; the cash-back portion of any Debit Card purchase; ATM transactions; online merchant transactions that are not purchased through the First Tennessee Cash Rewards Program Website, or any transaction violating any federal, state or local law. The list of Participating Retailers and individual Rebate Offers are subject to change without notice. Before making a purchase, you should review the details of the Program, including the list of Participating Retailers, specific Rebate Offers and eligibility rules for such offers on the Program Website. Some Participating Retailers’ Rebate Offers may allow you to earn rebates for online purchases only. For online-only Participating Retailers, you may only be entitled to earn rebates for purchases you make through the designated merchant link on the First Tennessee Cash Rewards Program Website. You may choose to view available offers through Banking Online, or to receive email or text message alerts. You understand that we may provide certain information about your account to edo solely for the purpose of providing customized offers in accordance with preferences you selected. edo will not review the account information for any purpose other than to suggest discounts, rebates and promotions to you. edo may store such information but only to provide Program offers to you.
  5. Online and Mobile Alerts. If you choose to receive offer notifications by email, new offer and redemption alerts will be sent to the email address you provided in your Banking Online profile. You can also choose to have alerts sent via text message to a mobile device. If your email address or mobile device number changes, you are responsible for updating your Cash Rewards information to ensure you continue to receive your alerts. We currently impose no charge for our mobile alerts, but your mobile carrier’s normal rates and fees will apply.
  6. Rebate Limitations. You authorize First Tennessee Bank to credit rebates to your First Tennessee Bank Checking Account linked to your enrolled First Tennessee Bank Debit Card, and to your First Tennessee Bank Credit Card Account for rebates earned with your Credit Card. You also authorize First Tennessee Bank to debit your First Tennessee Bank Checking Account or charge your Credit Card Account for any adjustment to the rebates that First Tennessee Bank receives from the Participating Retailers. If you return an item to a Participating Retailer and, as a result, receive either cash or credit after you have already earned a rebate from a Participating Retailer, First Tennessee Bank has the right to deduct from your First Tennessee Bank Checking or charge your Credit Card Account the amount of the rebates that were previously credited. If the deduction causes your Checking account to go negative, you may be charged an overdraft fee in accordance with disclosures in your other Agreements. The net amount of the rebates either credited or debited (in the event of returns exceeding credits) to your First Tennessee Bank Checking or Credit Card Account will be shown on the periodic statement for your Account in which you receive the rebates. Rebates do not become your funds until they are credited to your First Tennessee Bank Checking or Credit Card Account – usually within 3 business days of the qualified purchase. Account must be open and in good standing in order to receive rebates. The actual period of time it will take for you to receive rebates for any single eligible transaction may vary, and neither we nor edo shall be liable to you for any fees incurred by you or any other loss you may sustain as a result of (i) your reliance on rebates being credited to your First Tennessee Bank Checking or Credit Card Account or (ii) rebates being deducted from your First Tennessee Bank Checking or charged to your Credit Card account. Any rebates credited to your First Tennessee Bank Checking account will be considered part of your First Tennessee Bank Checking Account balance and will be available to all Account holders to the same extent as other funds in your First Tennessee Bank Checking Account.
  7. Your Obligations. You agree to notify all other Cardholders associated with your First Tennessee Bank Checking or Credit Card account of these Terms and Conditions and any modifications. Additionally, you agree to update your Program profile if your email address or mobile number changes. In the event you have questions or believe an error has occurred relating to the Program, please contact First Tennessee Bank either by phone at 800-755-0090, by email or by mail to First Tennessee Bank, P.O. Box 84, Memphis, TN 38101.
  8. Limited Liability. Unless otherwise required by law or our agreements with you, neither we, nor edo, nor Visa®, nor any of their respective affiliates, officers, directors, employees, or agents will be liable to you, or anyone making a claim on your behalf, in connection with (i) any change in the Program; (ii) any claim relating to products or services of any Participating Retailer, whether or not arising out of the Program; (iii) any loss, damage, expense or inconvenience caused by any occurrence outside of our control; (iv) any content, products or service appearing on a website to which we provide a link from the Program Website, or (v) any taxes that you incur as a result of receiving rebates. Only Participating Retailers are responsible for the funding of rebates. In any event, any liability that First Tennessee Bank may have to you in connection with the Program shall be limited to the amount of any rebates you have earned in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Program and that First Tennessee Bank has received from edo.
  9. No Warranties. First Tennessee Bank and edo do not: (i) endorse any Participating Retailers; (ii) make any express or implied warranty regarding any Program Retailer’s goods or services; (iii) assume responsibility for any Participating Retailer’s obligation to you, including the payment of any rebates advertised or offered by the Participating Retailer, or (iv) guarantee the performance of any Participating Retailer under the Program. First Tennessee Bank does not operate or control the products or services offered by Participating Retailers. Participating Retailers are solely responsible for the funding of rebates through edo to First Tennessee Bank.
  10. Changes to the Program. We may terminate, change or temporarily suspend the Program, or change the Program, Rules or Rebate Offers at any time without prior notice, but we will complete and honor transactions conducted prior to the effective date of the termination. Currently, there is no fee for you to participate in the Program; however, we reserve the right to charge fees at our sole discretion.
  11. Information We Collect and Use. Please refer to the First Tennessee Bank Privacy Policy for more information.
  12. General. The Program is void where prohibited by law and subject to the Program Rules and the terms in your other Agreements.



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