• Credit Card Balance Transfer

  • Use this form to transfer credit card balances from another card issuer to your First Tennessee credit card.

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Please read this Important Notice regarding balance transfers and indicate you have read the notice below.

Important Information Regarding Balance Transfers

  1. Balance transfers are subject to credit line availability. They will be treated as purchases on Visa Classic and Platinum accounts and as cash advances on First Travel cards. Minimum balance transfer amount is $100 for each transfer. There is no "transfer fee" for this service.
  2. Please provide all of the balance transfer information requested. Be sure to enter the exact amount you wish to have transferred to your First Tennessee/First Horizon credit card account. Do not enter "all" or "in full" but rather a specific dollar amount. Transferring balances will not automatically close your other credit card accounts. To close accounts, please contact each of your creditors directly.
  3. If multiple transfers are requested and your credit line is not sufficient to cover all transfers, we will process the single largest transfer possible.
  4. Since processing your balance transfer may take up to 6 weeks, please continue to make payments on those accounts until you receive notification that the balances have been transferred. You will receive a confirmation letter from us advising you of transfer check(s) mailed (or if we were unable to process your request for any reason). This balance transfer request may not be used to make payments toward other First Tennessee/BankCard Center issued accounts.
I have read the Important Notice above and agree to its terms.

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