• Job description: CSR

Meet Vincent Barnes

Title: FirstLink Customer Service Representative

Years with First Tennessee: 4

Favorite part of the job: "I love solving problems for our customers. To me it's like a puzzle. And when I can hear the relief on the other end of the phone after I help a customer, it just makes my day."

A typical day for Vincent:

8: I arrive at the office, get my coffee, go through my emails, and review my list of pending customer requests/issues.

8:30-10:30: I spend the next two hours fielding calls from customers. The questions can vary substantially, so I never know where the next one is going to lead the conversation.

10:30-11:30: From time to time we have internal meetings with our call representative teams to discuss new products or sales techniques.

11:30-12:30: I try to use the hour before lunch to place the follow-up calls I need to make to customers.

12:30-1:30: Lunch time!

1:30- 4:30: This is my longest stretch of being on the phone with customers. I'll take a couple of quick breaks during this time, but I like to keep connected as much as possible. It helps me reach my goals and allows me to be more efficient serving our customers.

4:30-5: This is the wrap-up portion of the day where I do some final paperwork, organize my notes/tasks for tomorrow, and catch up on any email.

5: Time to head for home!


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