• Personal Advantage Banking provides convenient access to the financial guidance you need.

The Wealth Management System

As a new Personal AdvantageSM Banking client, you get special access to your Wealth Management System – a personalized Web portal that combines all of the important components of your financial life, including:

  • A comprehensive view of your financial information
  • Tools and reports to manage your financial future
  • Integration of your financial planning goals
  • Secure storage of important documents

Your site offers three important functionalities that help you bring it all together:

1. Connecting Accounts for Automatic Updates

When you set up automatic updates on your Wealth Management System, you get a refreshed view of all your financial accounts from various financial institutions each night – all in one place.

2. Adding Personal Data and Setting up Manual Accounts

Your site can be as comprehensive as you want it to be – from information about family members or real estate holdings to financial information for which you do not have online access.

3. Storing Documents in Your Vault

Your Wealth Management System Document Vault helps you store and secure important paperwork easily such as wills, deeds, and passports. Just upload them to the vault and your records are safe.


  • Connecting todays needs with tomorrows goals
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