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Financial Planning

The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professionals at First Tennessee Bank will work with you to design a plan to help protect, accumulate, and grow your assets by guiding you through the 6 components of a comprehensive financial plan.

Budgeting and Savings – Cash Reserves

Effective cash flow management is the first step in developing an effective financial plan. Our experienced planners will help you establish a strategy to build your cash reserves. The two primary objectives of developing cash reserves are to:

  • Maintain an emergency fund with 3-6 months of gross salary to cover unforeseen expenses, and;
  • Create a systematic surplus of cash to consistently bolster your investments.

Insurance Review

While it may be unpleasant to consider the possibility of an accident, illness or natural disaster, foresight will make any potential difficulty more bearable. Mapping out a plan to provide for your family, protect your income, and replace your valuables is simply a responsible and worthwhile exercise.

Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals will assess your current coverage and help choose the right program for you.

Retirement Planning

In this day and age, an employer-sponsored retirement plan may not be sufficient to maintain your desired lifestyle in retirement. Longer life spans, along with the uncertainties of Social Security, and high-cost medical care mean that you may need to take a more active part in your own retirement planning.

Investment vehicles like Traditional, Roth, and Roll-Over IRAs can supplement your company-sponsored plan and help you live comfortably throughout your retirement years.

Investment Planning

Investing is an important part of a comprehensive financial plan, and should be added to your overall financial roadmap after the basics of building an emergency fund and insurance planning are in place.

Successful investment planning involves determining your risk tolerance in relation to your age, income, and market knowledge. Generally, higher-risk investments have the potential for higher returns; lower-risk investments offer lower returns.

Our planners will help you determine your appropriate risk level and will work with you to develop a suitable, personalized investment strategy.

Estate Planning

A well-thought-out estate plan can help ensure that your legacy lives on with your family, by minimizing the effect of estate taxes on their inheritance. Your estate consists of all your assets, minus any financial obligations or debts – so keeping track of it can be complex. Our planning experts can help you evaluate your assets in light of current estate tax laws.

We will work with you and your legal and tax advisors to help determine the best course for your estate.

Education Planning

Rising college costs may be daunting, but a sound education plan can help you finance your child through college – even if you get a late start saving for it. Our planning experts will help you explore options in personal investments, and prepaid tuition plans to help you design an education plan that best meets you and your child's needs.

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