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Sending your child to school

The cost of a college education continues to rise with no end in sight. We've created this guide to help you devise a comprehensive college savings plan for your children. Inside, you'll find a detailed description of the most popular education savings vehicles available, as well as tips for reducing college costs and a hands-on worksheet to help you determine the amount of financial aid your child may qualify for.

Saving for College: Still a Worthwhile Goal

Despite rising tuition costs, a college education is still a smart investment.
Learn more

Tuition and Taxes

The high price tag of higher education could be partially offset by tax breaks - if you know where to look. Learn more

Creating a Comprehensive Education Savings Plan

From 529 Savings Plans to Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, there are many options to help make your child's academic dreams a reality. Learn more

Surviving the Sandwich Generation

While financially supporting aging parents and college-age children, it's important to remember your own needs too. Learn more

Avoiding College Cost Busters

College is always expensive, but there are several ways to at least make higher education more affordable. Learn more

Comparing Your Options

The most common education savings options each have their own benefits and restrictions. Learn more


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