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Remodeling your home

Each year, millions of American homeowners spend countless hours renovating, remodeling and fixing up their homes. But the world of remodeling and renovation can be complex and frustrating for those who are not prepared. We've created the guides below to help you get started on five common remodeling projects, as well as understand how much you might expect to spend on them, and how much they might increase the value of your home at resale.

Home Improvement Projects to Fit Your Schedule

Update your home’s aesthetic with a few quick home improvement projects. Learn more

A Budget-Friendly Facelift

If a full-scale remodel is a little out of reach, there are simple, inexpensive ways to refresh the look of your home. Learn more

Move...or Remodel?

In today's housing market, many homeowners are deciding to remodel or renovate rather than sell their existing home. Learn more

How to Choose the Right Renovation Projects

When choosing which renovations to tackle and which to avoid, it's important to consider the potential return on your investment dollars. Learn more

Choosing a Contractor

There are many simple steps you can take on the front-end to help you find the contractor that is best suited for your renovation needs. Learn more

Adding On: Be Careful Not to Overbuild

The average home price in your neighborhood can have a big impact on you remodeling ROI. Learn more

Lighting and Flooring

Upgrading the lighting and flooring in your home is a simple and cost-effective way to enhance your home's aesthetic appeal. Learn more


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