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Getting Married

Marriage is a time of celebration and excitement for most couples as they look forward to joining together into a lifetime partnership. We've created the guides below to help you avoid many of the common financial pitfalls faced by couples in marriage. Inside these guides, you'll find tips and strategies to help you coexist financially, communicate effectively, and deal with debt.

Saying 'I Do' Your Unique Way

Plenty of engagement ring options stray from the traditional solitaire. Learn more

The Financial Benefits of Marriage

From tax savings to lower insurance rates, getting married comes with many financial advantages. Learn more

Yours, Mine and...Ours?

Working together is the key to unlocking your joint financial potential. Learn more

Communication is Critical

Open communication is an important part of creating a marital financial game plan. Learn more

Resolving Financial Conflicts

Setting a few ground rules can help settle the number one cause of marital conflict. Learn more


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