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Life Events

Life is filled with important decisions. With insight from enrich, you can learn more about the financial factors you’ll need to consider as you evaluate your options.

Getting Married
Understand the tax implications of marriage, the things to consider when building a joint financial life together, how to communicate about finances, and more. Learn More »
Retirement can be a moving target. We’ll help you focus on what’s important with thoughts on planning, saving, and Social Security.Learn More »
Buying a Home
Determine whether you’re ready for home ownership, what you need to get started, the value of good credit, and other information.Learn More »
Remodeling Your Home
Spend your resources wisely with guidance on choosing the right contractor, picking value-added improvement projects, and the choose whether to move or remodel.Learn More »
Having a Child
Get ready for your new addition with guidance on the costs associated with having a child, how to include your child in financial planning, and other childcare financial topics. Learn More »
Changing Careers
Thinking about a new career? We can help you think through the financial implications of making the switch. Learn More »
Sending a Child to School
Find insight on available college savings options as well as tips for minimizing your costs as your child enters school.Learn More »

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