• Overdraft Protection with Your Savings

How the Savings Account Link works

Each day that items post and overdraw your account, the amount needed to cover any overdraft items is automatically transferred from your First Tennessee savings account to your checking account. A once-per-day $15 overdraft transfer fee is assessed to your checking account each time that a transfer is made. This fee will not be charged if the overdrawn amount on any one day is $5 or less.

What you need to know

Although the funds transfer is automatic, please remember that federal law requires that we convert a savings accounts to a checking account if you exceed six preauthorized or automatic transfers per month. Transfers for overdraft protection purposes count toward this limit.

You'll also need to make transfers back into your savings (if you wish to replenish your savings) as you make other deposits since this is not done automatically. You can initiate this action through any of our normal transfer methods, including telephone and Digital Banking.

Overdraft protection transactions are subject to the terms of your Overdraft Services Agreement and Depositor Agreement with First Tennessee.

How to initiate the link

To link your savings account to your checking account, see a Financial Services Representative or call us toll-free at 800-382-5465.


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