• Overdraft Protection with Fist Banking Reserve

First Banking Reserve

How FBR works

As long as your negative balance does not exceed the amount of First Banking Reserve you have for your account, all transactions will be paid.

  • Each day that items post and overdraw your account, the amount needed to cover the overdraft items is transferred from FBR to the checking account.
  • A $15 overdraft transfer fee is assessed to the checking account each time that a transfer is made - no more than once per processing day. This fee will not be charged if the overdrawn amount on any one day is $5 or less.
  • Interest is assessed against the outstanding reserve in use.*
  • When you make a deposit, the funds are first applied to any negative checking account balance, then to any unpaid finance charge, and finally to the outstanding FBR in use.
  • When a payment (deposit) is applied to the outstanding reserve, that amount is returned to FBR and is again available for use.

To apply for First Banking Reserve, visit a financial center and speak with a Financial Services Representative.

*FBR is available upon approval. Overdraft protection transactions using FBR will be subject to the terms of your FBR agreement and Overdraft Services Agreement with First Tennessee.


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