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Bill Pay Online

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Digital Banking 2.0

We’re introducing an enhanced level of online banking simplicity and control – Digital Banking 2.0 – to make your life easier. We are in the process of converting our customers to the new platform. We will notify you via email when your account is ready to be converted.

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Ready to pay your bills online? Why not? It's FREE! You tell us who, when, and how much to pay – we'll handle the rest. And when you follow our guidelines for scheduling payments, we guarantee they get delivered on time, or we'll pay the late fees (up to $50).

Service Features

  • Pay practically anyone with no monthly fee for Bill Pay
  • Quickly make single payments and automate recurring payments
  • Set up is easy
  • With Mobile Bill Pay you can use your smart phone to pay bills, see payments made, or cancel payments*
  • Get email alerts or messages inside Banking Online when bill payments are upcoming or completed

Service Benefits

  • Convenient way to pay multiple bills at once
  • Track payment histories
  • Avoid late fees and postage charges
  • Safety – Your information is protected with firewall and encryption technology. Plus, you avoid having your personal information compromised through the mail.
  • Accurate and Timely – First Tennessee guarantees bills paid online will be error free.¹
  • Alerts – We will send you an email alert whenever certain changes to your Bill Pay Online settings have been made.   Click here to learn more about all of our Banking Online alerts.
  • Added security – when you set up a new custom Payee or change your contact information, we’ll ask you to verify that change to ensure the process is being initiated by you – and only you.

Questions about enrollment and system requirements? Click here.

Get started

  1. Log on to Banking Online
  2. Click on the Bill Pay Online tab.
  3. Add payees (click here for step-by-step instructions)
  4. Pay your bills

¹Reimbursement for late fees only when paid through Bill Pay Online and First Tennessee is responsible for errors related to payment processing.

*Customers must set up payees through Banking Online before using Mobile Bill Pay. Mobile Bill Pay is available through Mobile Web Browser and Downloadable Applications. Mobile Bill Pay is not available through Text Banking (SMS).


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