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Online Alerts

Keeping track of your account is easy with customized account Alerts from First Tennessee. We offer Alerts in many categories to keep you informed about every aspect of your account.

How Alerts Work

  • You can receive Alert Notifications via text message, email or in your Digital Banking messages box.
  • You can review and edit the notifications you receive from the list of recommended Alerts, or even create a custom Alert. First Tennessee also sends required Alerts related to the security of your account that cannot be disabled.

Types of Alerts

You can choose from a variety of Alerts and message frequencies around these topics:

  • Account messages
  • Money Movement messages
  • Planning messages
  • Security messages
  • Transaction messages
  • Promotional messages

Setting Alerts

To choose or customize the Alerts you receive, visit the Settings tab and select Manage Alerts in Digital Banking 2.0. If you would like to send us an account question or comment, you can also select Secure Messages under the Messages tab for secure delivery and timely response.

Getting Started

Digital Banking Customer?  

Not a Digital Banking Customer?  

  • Enroll in Digital Banking
  • Then follow the instructions above for Digital Banking customers
  • For additional assistance, call 800-382-5465 or get a helping hand in person with our local Digital Delegates. Check out our locator tool now to find a financial center with a Digital Delegate near you.

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