Online Survey Sweepstakes FAQs

I can't access the survey. What should I do? The page does not come up when I enter the URL.

It could be a temporary Internet connection problem. Try visiting another site to verify your connection. If you cannot gain access to other sites, there may be a problem with your Internet provider. Generally these problems are fixed quickly, so try the URL again later.

The problem may also be related to your browser. If you are using a browser version 3.0 or lower, you'll need to upgrade to a higher version at one of the sites below:

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The site does not accept my transaction code.

First, verify that you have entered the code correctly in the field. Next, check with the rest of your household to make sure no one else has already taken the survey. Your transaction code is valid for one use only.

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How are my survey answers used?

The answers that we receive from survey participants are used only for our own research purposes and help us enhance the service and banking experience we provide.

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How many times can I take the survey?

You can take the survey each time you receive a receipt from service at one of our financial centers.

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