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Our revolutionary Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) service has enabled our business customers to conveniently deposit checks electronically, anytime, from anywhere. But one question still remains and is repeatedly asked: "What should I do with the paper checks now that I've scanned them?"

RDCheckTrack is the answer. This secure cabinet reduces operational risk by temporarily storing and safeguarding checks processed at your business through RDC.

How does it work?

  • Once a deposit has been successfully transmitted to the Bank, checks are dropped face down through the slot into a bin that resides within the storage device.
  • A deposit separator is placed after the last check to separate drops by deposit, day, etc. for ease of research.
  • There are three bins that are rotated as you determine, allowing for storage of up to 2,400 checks.
  • A timer is provided and will alert you when it is time to rotate/destroy the oldest held checks.

Product Benefits

  • Risk mitigation: The paper check storage device helps to ensure the safety and integrity of deposited items from the time of receipt until the time of destruction or other voiding.
  • Greater compliance: With many different recommended RDC paper check retention policies existing, a timer on the outside of the device keeps track of the prescribed time period the checks should be held before being destroyed and notifies the user when action is required.
  • Easier retrieval: If at any time a stored check needs to be retrieved, brightly colored separators make each group of checks easy to find.


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