• Your cash is always where it should be with Cash Vault services

Local Cash Vault Services

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Our Local Cash Vault Services can help you eliminate time-consuming bank deposit runs and the potential for harm to your employees.

Plus, our central vault or financial center verifies the amount of the deposit and prepares it for processing, so you can be confident that your cash is always where it should be.

Product Features

  • Deposits can include currency, coin, and checks.
  • High volume customers usually arrange for an armored courier to pick up the deposits at their place of business. These deposits are then delivered to our central vault locations in Memphis, Chattanooga, Nashville, Knoxville, or Johnson City.
  • You can also order coin or currency for your day-to-day operational needs. The armored courier will deliver these orders.

Product Benefits

  • Increased efficiency — By using the armored courier services, your staff will remain at your place of business to carry on their duties without having to run to the bank.
  • Increased security — The bank verifies the amount of each deposit and any discrepancies are immediately reported to you. Also, with the armored service, your employees do not have to worry about carrying large quantities of cash.



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