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Designed for highly-compensated executives, Deferred Compensation Insurance is a life insurance policy that provides supplemental retirement benefits. By agreement, the company uses a portion of the executive's compensation to purchase a life insurance policy on his or her behalf, which then pays benefits at retirement – or pre-retirement benefits to heirs in the case of death.

Employer Benefits

  • Plan has minimal ERISA requirements
  • Participation is determined subjectively
  • Your company elects to use life insurance to indirectly fund the deferred compensation program
  • The policy is an asset on the company balance sheet
  • The cash value accumulates on a cash-deferred basis

Employee Benefits

  • Plan can be customized to meet individual needs
  • Cash value is accumulated on a tax-deferred basis
  • The plan, through the insurance policy's death benefit, can be self-completing in the event of the executive's death
  • Payments are made to the executive at retirement to supplement retirement income or to the executive's family and heirs in the event of death

Insurance Products

  • Not A Deposit  
  • Not Guaranteed By The Bank Or Its Affiliates  
  • Not FDIC Insured  
  • Not Insured By Any Federal Government Agency  
  • May Go Down In Value  
  • May Be Purchased From Any Agent or Company and the Customer's Choice
    Will Not Affect Current or Future Credit Decisions

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