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Treasury Management

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Our Treasury Management Services are an effective way to strengthen the relationship you have with your customers by helping them gain better control over their cash flow. Each of our services is wholesale priced for our correspondents.

Product Benefits

  • Customers with large dollar remittances receive maximum benefit from the Wholesale Lockbox service.
  • With the Retail Lockbox service, funds are collected faster and the customer realizes increased efficiency.
  • The Controlled Disbursement helps to manage disbursement balances by only funding what is presented daily.

Product Features

  • Wholesale Lockbox – Highly customized processing of your customers' receivables into usable funds with maximum efficiency and accuracy.
  • Retail Lockbox – High speed processing of large volume retail payments.
  • Controlled Disbursement – Early, daily online reporting of disbursement transactions.
  • Information Reporting – Electronic delivery system that gives you and your customers direct access to First Tennessee.

  • Improve your cash flow

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