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Business Loans and Lines of Credit

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First Tennessee provides a variety of loans and lines of credit that can help your company update and expand while avoiding a serious cash crunch. In many cases terms and payment schedules can be customized to match cash flow and cyclical economic conditions.


  • Short-Term Loans – Funding for special short-term business needs when you don't need a line of credit. These loans can be tailored to fit your needs.
  • Construction Loans – We can provide short-term funding for commercial real estate construction projects. Since our lending decisions are made locally, we can respond to your needs quickly.
  • Real Estate Loans – Long-term funding for commercial real estate projects.
  • Term Loans for Permanent Financing – Funding for new expansion, equipment, vehicles, and acquisitions to improve your business.

Product benefits

  • Customized by First Tennessee – Your needs are met completely.
  • Approved locally – All lending decisions are made regionally by First Tennessee bankers.


A Line of Credit from First Tennessee offers fast access to additional cash when growth or unique circumstances require working capital. Additionally, your Business Line of Credit may be linked to your commercial checking account for easy access.

Product benefits

  • Customized by lender – Your needs are met completely.
  • Approved locally – All lending decisions are made regionally by First Tennessee financing specialists.
  • Information Reporting access – Payments can be processed through Information Reporting.


An Interest Rate Swap is a derivative instrument that allows one party to swap, or exchange, one set of cash flows for another. Typically, the exchange is a series of floating rate payments for a series of fixed rate payments.

Product benefits

  • Flexibility – Qualified borrowers can enter into a swap at any time and for any term up to the maturity date of their debt and on any portion of their variable rate debt.
  • Independent Hedge – Because swaps and loans are separate facilities, qualified borrowers can utilize a swap for any loans they choose.
  • Certainty of Cash Flow Payments – A floating to fixed swap can increase the certainty of future net cash flow streams.


  • Give your customers the convenience of credit

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