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On the Home Front

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On The Home Front

If you need something done at home, ask a working mother. According to a recent study in American Sociological Review, working moms spend nearly 10 hours more per week than working dads on home- and family-related tasks such as grocery shopping, preparing meals and helping children with homework. The totals were 48.3 hours of off-the-job multitasking for moms compared to 38.9 hours for dads.

The study, called "Revisiting the Gender Gap in Time-Use Patterns: Multitasking and Well-Being Among Mothers and Fathers in Dual-Earner Families," was released the same week as research results indicating that children who think they aren't getting enough time with their fathers are more likely to exhibit bullying behavior. In addition to factors such as overall home environment, number of siblings and academic success, the study, titled "Bullying Behavior, Parents' Work Hours and Early Adolescents' Perceptions of Time Spent with Parents," examined whether the quantity of time spent with one or both working parents had an impact on whether a child became a bully.

The bottom line? Working dads who want to level the workload at home may want to consider spending extra time with their kids.


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