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Profit Sharing Plans for Retirement

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Profit Sharing Plans for Retirement
Funds contributed by an employer to a profit sharing plan are discretionary, and go into a separate account for each employee according to the terms of the plan you design. Profit sharing plans have a lot of flexibility in their design, and prototype plans are available to reduce the planning and administrative burden on you.

When a profit sharing plan includes a 401(k) feature, employees may allocate a portion of their salary to their account. Our investment professionals will help you craft a profit sharing plan that benefits both your business and your employees.

Service Features

  • Flexible design
  • No set annual contribution amount, if you choose
  • Option to include a 401(k) feature so employees can also contribute to their accounts

Service Benefits

  • Contributions are not required every year
  • Strong employee incentive

Investments are:

  • Not a Deposit  
  • Not Guaranteed by the Bank or its Affiliates  
  • Not FDIC Insured  
  • Not Insured by Any Federal Government Agency  
  • May Go Down in Value  

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