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How Secure Is Business Banking Online?

At First Tennessee, we consider the security of your financial information a top priority. We take extensive security measures to ensure a safe and reliable online experience for all of our customers.

Security Features:

  • Password protection – To gain access to accounts, users must verify their identity with a password.
  • Firewall protection – All First Tennessee systems are protected with firewalls that limit access to only those customers providing the proper passwords.
  • 128 bit key SSL encryption – Before data is exchanged between the customer and the bank, it is encoded or scrambled with 128 bit key SSL encryption.

Security Tips:

  • Keep IDs and passwords confidential
  • Use passwords that include letters and numbers that are not easily discernable (do not use birthdays, child's name, etc.)
  • Change your passwords frequently
  • Use different passwords for each online service
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