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Dealing with the hassle of checks returned for insufficient funds (NSF) takes time and focus away from your core business, you're also often left with a return of only half of the funds in question after collection agencies are paid.

Check Recovery system* from Fiserv, brought to you by First Tennessee, can help you recover, in most cases, the full face value of any recovered checks. Even better, Check Recovery's automated technology can recover funds faster – often, within days of the recovery.

How it works

When a customer check is returned for NSF:

  • First Tennessee sends the returned checks to the Check Recovery processing center
  • Eligible checks are converted into electronic transactions** and re-presented to the originating bank within 24 hours
  • Should the first re-presentment fail, Check Recovery verifies the account balance
  • As soon as funds become available, Check Recovery re-presents a second time in an effort to achieve the highest possible recovery rate
  • Check Recovery, in most cases, remits 100% of the face value of each recovered check to bank account

Benefits to your business

There is no cost to set up or use Check Recovery's secure, web-based system and your business will enjoy:

  • Improved returns and quicker access to funds via the ACH network.
  • Dramatic improvements in collection rates – up to double the rates of traditional collection methods.
  • Automated management which lowers your labor and operating cost

*A First Tennessee business checking account is required to signup for check recovery.

**Items not eligible for electronic re-presentment are processed as paper drafts. In addition, should Check Recovery exhaust all electronic and paper collection opportunities, traditional collection services are available to your business.

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