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Type Term APY* Minimum Opening Deposit
Regular CD 30 days 0.05% As low as $1,000
60 Days 0.05%  
90 Days 0.05%  
180 Days 0.10%  
270 Days 0.10%  
12 Months 0.15%  
24 Months 0.20%  
36 Months 0.35%  
48 Months 0.60%  
60 Months 0.85%  
Deposit less than $25,000
180 Days 0.05% As low as $500
Deposit more than $25,000
180 Days 0.10% As low as $500
Rate CLIMBERSM 12 Months 0.10% As low as $1,000
Jumbo CD 7 days – 1 Year Call for current rates and availability $100,000
CDARS® Contact the CDARS® Support Desk at 800-806-2815

For additional rate and fee information, please refer to the Depositor Agreement and Disclosure Statement.

*Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) effective February 16, 2012 and subject to change. Penalty for early withdrawal. APYs listed are for CDs opened online or by calling 888-354-1340.


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